• The Importance of Mentorship

    March 29, 2016
    The Importance of Mentorship
    Here’s a quick history lesson. Did you know the word “mentor” comes from Homer’s Odyssey? You know, the Greek myth where the guy (Odysseus) wanders the seas for ten years after the Trojan War that you probably didn’t want to read in your high school English class. Let’s refresh your memory. His son, Telemachus, goes looking for him, and the Greek Goddess of War, Athena, guides him throughout his search – thus becoming his “mentor.” Now that it’s ringing a bell, you’re probably wondering what in the world this has to do with interior design and architecture. You would be surprised.
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  • A View From…Minneapolis!

    March 2, 2016
    A View From…Minneapolis!
    The Great North. Home of both the Wendigo and Big Foot. Land of snow, lumberjacks, hockey and the Vikings. And most importantly, home of NELSON’s Minneapolis studio!

    We recently asked our Teammates what they believe makes their city great, and what they enjoy most about living, working and playing in their half of the Twin Cities.
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  • Finally Friday!

    February 26, 2016
    Finally Friday!
    It’s Finally Friday! Before you rush out of the office to start your weekend, check out NELSON’s recap of some of the news insights you might have missed from us:
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  • And the Winner is...

    February 23, 2016
    And the Winner is...
    Months ago, the NELSON marketing team challenged our hub offices to a House of Cards contest. No, we didn’t expect them to binge watch the hit Netflix series. Instead, we held them to a true test of design and architecture. The rules were simple. They had one deck of cards and a glue stick, nothing else. They had to conceptualize and craft the best house of cards. After months of intense judging, back and forth debates, and a few bribes (JUST kidding), we finally have a winner!
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